If the Bible is the foundation of our church, then membership is the cement that holds us all together. In fact, the Bible teaches that membership in a local church is one of the most basic ways that Christians follow Jesus. In fact, it is so basic that the authors of the New Testament simply assume that every Christian will be part of a local church. The reason for this is simple. The local church is at the heart of God’s plan to save sinners through the gospel of his son, Jesus Christ.

If you’re interested in joining KBC, you’ll first need to attend our membership class, where we’ll walk you through our statement of faith, our church covenant, and our life together as a church. This class is offered periodically throughout the year and those interested should contact a pastor to sign up.

Following that, those interested in pursuing membership will have a time scheduled to sit down with one of our pastors. Please don’t be intimidated by this. It’s simply an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for us to hear about how you came to follow Jesus.

After you have attended the membership class and met with a pastor, our congregation will gather at our regularly scheduled members’ meeting to affirm each new member. The reason we do this is that you’re not just making a commitment to a pastor; you’re committing to love, care for, and serve an entire church community, and that church community is making the same commitment to you. It is one way we remind ourselves of the amazing responsibility and honor we have to care for one another.